50 Faces of SECC – Sofia

Sofia’s family immigrated from Tanzania to Canada as refugees in 2018. Sofia was just 11 years old, but her family always knew the importance of education and encouraged her to work hard.

In January 2022, Sofia began attending SECC’s Senior Youth Program, which runs out of the Bridge Youth Resource Centre. She is usually one of the first to arrive and is always eager to learn and grow.

At first, Sofia was shy and hesitant to ask for help. But over time, she began to open up and trust the Senior Youth staff who are there to assist her. Sofia spends hours each week receiving help with math, reading assignments, and writing projects. She is incredibly determined to continue improving her skills. With this added support, Sofia’s grades have greatly improved, and her confidence has grown exponentially. Now, Sofia is achieving academic success and starting to dream big. After high school, she hopes to become a teacher or a nurse, and she is well on her way to achieving this goal.

Sofia’s story shows grit, resilience, and the power of education to transform lives. She reminds us how small acts of kindness and encouragement can have an outsized impact and how crucial it is to support our youth in every way possible.

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