About the We Value Partnership:

As a proud partner of the WE Value Partnership, South Essex Community Council (SECC) is now offering newcomers a holistic and capacity-focused assessment that connects them to services, supports, opportunities, and people based on their strengths, skills, and needs. The WE Value Settlement Assessment uses an innovative digital system to build a customized settlement plan with referrals, giving clients more opportunities to use their assets, skills, talents and gifts while adjusting to a happy, safe, and confident life as community members.

Clients can still access the WE Value Settlement Assessment through SECC and their partnership with the YMCA of Southwestern Ontario (YSWO).  

You are eligible for a WE Value Settlement Assessment at no cost to you if you are a Permanent Resident or Convention Refugee. At this time, International Students, Refugee Claimants or those with Work or Study Permits are not eligible. 


Benefits of the WE Value Partnership and Settlement Assessment:

WE Value means less confusion, more confidence and increased self-worth through streamlined experiences and fruitful community connections and a customized settlement plan. It will also lead to more opportunities to use assets, skills, talents and gifts while adjusting to a happy, safe, confident life as community members.

WE Value will allow access to assets, skills, talents and gifts of newcomers provide resources that will deepen evidence-based approaches to serving new immigrants resulting in positive community impact.

WE Value means the coming together to streamline processes and enhance experiences, all toward greater integration, welcoming communities and the success of newcomers.

WE Value will emerge as a national model for communities. It will mean understanding the value of welcoming immigrants and an abundance of opportunity for all by helping newcomers to realize their potential locally.