Our People

At South Essex Community Council, we believe in the power of community and the strength of collaboration. Our staff embodies these values, working to serve the diverse needs of our community. Each member of our team brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table. Get to know the faces behind our mission, and discover how we’re making a difference, one person at a time.

Carolyn Warkentin (she/her),
Executive Director

As SECC’s Executive Director, Carolyn Warkentin leads the agency with a passion for ensuring that we are providing the services that are needed in community, and in strategically planning for the future. Carolyn started at SECC in 1997, and aside from a few years away, has held a variety of titles within the organization. With her frontline experience, Carolyn is in tune with the clients we serve and the staff that serve them. She says, “I love seeing people achieve their goals, both clients and staff!”

Wondering what Carolyn does outside of work? Aside from her role at SECC, Carolyn spends her time volunteering at Thrift on Mill, UMEI Christian High School, Hogs for Hospice, and First Work. She also enjoys going for walks with friends, reading, and painting.

Debbie Daher (she/her),
Manager, Financial Resources

Debbie Daher started with SECC part-time in 1995 which led her to take on countless positions within the agency. She began as Manager, Financial Resources in 2005.

When asked what her favourite part about SECC is, here’s what Debbie had to say: “I have always loved delivering Meals on Wheels to seniors. We might be the only person that senior sees that day, so I always bring my positivity, friendly smile, and a warm ‘Hello’ to the delivery. I want to bring a smile to their face and let them know that SECC cares about them and their well-being.”

Jennifer Moore (she/her),
Manager, Human Resources

In 2008, Jennifer Moore joined the staff at SECC, and worked as a Job Developer and an Employment Consultant before her current role as Manager, Human Resources. “My favourite part of working at SECC is our Mission Statement, “Helping people. Improving lives.” I like knowing that we are helping people in the community and making a difference in their lives.”

Jen doesn’t work directly with clients in her role, but she is passionate about the SPARK Program and seeing the positive impact SECC’s Children & Youth programming has on kids in our community. In her free time, Jen loves to read, watch movies, and travel!

Natasha Schartner (she/her),
Marketing and Communications Department Coordinator

Natasha joined SECC in 2023 as the Marketing and Communications Department Coordinator. Her dedication lies in non-profit marketing, striving to raise community awareness about the diverse services provided by SECC.

When asked what her favourite part about working at SECC is, Natasha says, “Having the opportunity to pursue your passion while making a genuine difference in your community is truly a privilege. Each day, I observe firsthand the positive impact our services have on individuals and families in need. It’s immensely fulfilling to be part of an organization that prioritizes assisting others and cultivates a supportive and empowering work environment.”

Milka Pieper (she/her),
Career Hub Department Coordinator

Milka joined SECC in 2016 in our Care for Newcomer Children (CNC) after 10 years of owning her own daycare. She has worked in CNC, as a Settlement Worker, and has been in the Career Hub since July 2020.

“It is such a joy to give back to our clients and help out in the community in any way we can,” shared Milka. She oversees the Career Hub services for Job Seekers and Employers. She works closely with her staff to ensure clients are equipped to handle situations that come their way!

In her free time, Milka volunteers at her children’s schools, spends time with her family and friends, and enjoys traveling!

Mark Wybenga (he/him),
Volunteer Services Department Coordinator

Mark Wybenga began at SECC in 1998. He has held various roles, and is currently the Volunteer Services Department Coordinator.

“I started in Community Home Support Services’ Meals on Wheels program helping seniors access nutritious food that helped them to live independently at home as long as possible, so my passion lies in doing anything we can do to help make the lives of our elders as comfortable as possible. They’ve contributed to much to build and sustain our community that we owe them respect and to help them age in place gracefully.

Vicki Noland (she/her)
Children & Youth Services Department Coordinator

SECC’s Children & Youth Services Staff has a combined total of 100 years working with children and youth. They are passionate about developing the skills of participants in their Care for Newcomer Children, SPARK, and Youth programs. “I love to see that the children are happy and fulfilled with the activities we are sending to them both virtually and at their doorsteps.” said Youth Worker Jami-Lee.

Vicki says, “It is so special to see the joy and excitement on the children’s faces. With our programming we are able to give children experiences they may not have had otherwise, and that fills my heart.”

Rachelle Ligotino (she/her)
Community Home Support Services Department Coordinator

Community Services staff have over 160 years of combined experience in helping seniors and persons with disabilities. Programs include Meals on Wheels, Transit Services, Adult Day Program (in person and virtually), and Security Check and Friendly Visitation. Program Leader Rachelle says, “I am most passionate about helping local seniors feel connected with one another and with local programs and services, and about ensuring that they have the help they need in their day-to-day lives to remain independent, healthy, and happy.”

One of our Transit Drivers shares, “My favourite part of working at SECC is the one-on-one time with passengers. I love listening to their stories and helping them through the transitions of life while helping them remain independent.”

Staff speak French, Portuguese, Spanish, and American Sign Language.

Laura Fanjoy (she/her)
Settlement Services Department Coordinator

Settlement Services Staff have 65 years of experience in this area of work. One Settlement Worker says “I am passionate about fulfilling the needs of my clients and helping them overcome challenges, motivate them to lead a better life, and move forward.” Our Settlement Services team is dedicated to providing support to Newcomers to help them in developing skills that are required to function in Canadian society. They work closely with our Language Services and Career Hub to ensure a wholesome approach to service.

Settlement Workers speak Arabic, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, French, and Burmese.

Jasleen Chawla (she/her)
Language and Learning Services Department Coordinator

Language Services staff have over 50 years of experience teaching and working with students to reach their potential. They are dedicated to making learning fun and interactive for their students.

Language Instructor Carrie shares, “I love working with Newcomers to Canada. The team of people who work together at SECC to support this group of people is amazing.” SECC takes a collaborative approach and Language Services works closely with other programs to provide a holistic service approach to clients.