Homelessness Project


The Essex County Homelessness Hub is operated by Family Services Windsor-Essex and is funded by the County of Essex. It is open 7 days a week from 9am-5pm for individuals experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. For more information, click here.

Emergency and Support Services

Click the buttons below to open up the full list of emergency and support services for anyone experiencing homelessness, precarious housing, or housing insecurity.

Leamington Emergency Services

Leamington Support Services


Click the button below for an interactive service map with addresses, phone numbers, and additional information regarding the services:

Interactive Service Map

Finding Home

The Finding Home report presents research findings that have been heavily informed by people with lived experience with homelessness and housing insecurity, local service providers, community organizations, as well as best practices in homelessness solutions in rural Canadian communities. It outlines several recommendations to advance community efforts toward a “made-in-Leamington” housing and homelessness solution.

Click the button below to view the Finding Home report in full:

Finding Home: A Look at Housing and Homelessness in Leamington

Click below to view a high-level executive summary of the Finding Home report:

Executive Summary – Finding Home: A Look at Housing and Homelessness in Leamington

Hearing Homelessness Podcast

Starting Thursday, July 14 for four weeks, we’ll be launching the Hearing Homelessness Podcast, and sitting down with guests discussing issues related to housing and homelessness to shed light on some of the complexities of the homelessness experience.

Check out the schedule below for our four-part series:
🗓 July 14: Service Providers’ Perspectives
🗓 July 21: Housing Affordability
🗓 July 28: Health and Homelessness
🗓 August 4: The Leamington Homelessness Project

Stay tuned to learn more! 🎙

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Homelessness Initiative