Pay Invoice/Bill

IMPORTANT – please read before entering your payment information.

  1. You can now make multiple payments for the same person or for different persons using this form. Use a separate line for each invoice you want to pay. Please be sure to include the client name, program, invoice number and payment amount on each line. If you require additional entry lines please click on the “Add another line” button. A grand total of your payment will appear at the bottom of the entry line area.
  2. After entering all your invoice information and clicking on the “Make Payment” button, you will be brought to the PayPal website. You DO NOT require a PayPal account to complete your transaction, only an email address. Please note that PayPal will only accept payment by Credit or Debit Visa card. If you don’t have or don’t want to use a Credit or Debit Visa card you will not be able to make an online payment.

    Invoice Entry

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