Help for Job Seekers

SECC’s Career Hub assists anyone looking for work, who are new to the workforce, seeking a change in careers, newcomers, people returning to the workforce, older workers, or persons with self-identified disabilities.

Are you looking for work or skills training?

Career Hub staff are trained professionals who are knowledgeable about the local labour market and able to provide the extra supports to ensure your success.

We provide:

  • Personalized advice and services to help people assess their skills and experience
  • Assistance to start on your path to skills training
  • Help to employers to hire people with the skills they need
  • Help for you to develop your careers and set goals, assess your skills and interests
  • Personalized help preparing you for interviews and employment
  • The assistance of a Job Developer or Job Coach

Our services include:

  • Career exploration
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Job searching tools
  • Interviewing skills
  • Job matching and training placements
  • Education and training opportunities
  • Career and interest assessments
  • Apprenticeship opportunities

One-to-one Employment Services

SECC’s Career Hub assists anyone looking for work. We offer a full range of employment assistance for youth, adults, persons with disabilities and students.

Pre-employment Workshops

SECC’s Career Hub offers a variety of workshops to help you with your job searching.

Training Programs

SECC’s Career Hub wants to help connect employers and job seekers.

Job Board

SECC’s Career Hub wants to help connect employers and job seekers.

“South Essex Community Council helped me find this job, and I really love SECC. They were great to work with.”

About SECC

In 1973, a group of concerned citizens had a vision to create a community sponsored agency that would address the various needs of the people of South Essex. The vision and efforts of two individuals mobilized the communities of South Essex to create the South Essex Community Council. The leadership of Father G.H. Duchene and JoAnne Fillimore shaped the work of SECC as a collaborative community-based, multi-service agency.