50 Faces of SECC – Omar

Omar is a highly educated individual with a bachelor’s degree in Hispanic Languages and Literature. He moved to Canada in 2018 to try to create a safer and more secure life for himself due to threats in Mexico for acknowledging his sexual identity. Omar worked hard over a 3 year period to become fluent in English by watching YouTube videos.

His dream job is to work with seniors, and after some research, he decided that becoming a Personal Support Worker (PSW) would be the best fit for him. He researched schools and their requirements, but ultimately decided that he needed to work first to save money for tuition. Omar put a lot of effort into enhancing his job searching and interview skills to be confident when applying for and being interviewed by employers for potential jobs. He participated in several mock interviews at SECC, built a resume for himself, attended various workshops, and developed strong skills in these areas. He also participated in the Food Handlers course and received his certification shortly after.

Eventually, Omar secured employment at a local retirement residence as a Server, hoping to gain experience working with seniors and improve his chances of securing work in the field once he had completed the PSW course. Due to limited hours at this workplace, he decided to get a new job as a General Labourer at a packing shed and is now saving money.

Over time, Omar has shifted his focus from getting his education to sponsoring his partner to come to Canada. Omar is currently working on the papers needed for the sponsorship and hopes his partner will be able to come to Canada soon. Omar feels that moving to Canada has changed his life for the better and is hopeful that he can achieve his goals, become a PSW, and live a good life in a country where he is accepted.

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