50 Faces of SECC – Tresha

Tresha graduated with a Practical Nursing Diploma from a post-secondary instituion in Jamaica, and went on to work for five years as a Practical Nurse in a nursing home. She moved to Canada in 2012 and found work unrelated to her education and work experience.  Tresha did this to gain some Canadian employment experience and build her resume. After many years of working in Canada, Tresha decided that she wanted to use her education and qualifications to get back into the field of caring for seniors. After struggling to find relevant work, Tresha came to SECC’s Career Hub in May 2023 looking for a full-time permanent caregiving job.

Tresha worked very hard in her job search, but struggled to find a company that would hire her.  Tresha’s lack of recent experience in the caregiving field was presenting some challenges.   She decided to update her qualifications by taking multiple micro-credentials (rapid training programs) to gain relevant skills and qualifications that would help her as a caregiver. Tresha also attended SECC’s Job Club and various pre-employment workshops in order to prepare for future employment. Tresha was very positive and energetic when attending Job Club, and she was always eager to help motivate other job seekers with advice and encouragement. After months of job searching, preparing, and building her resume, Tresha still had not heard from any employers.

Staff urged Tresha to apply to a local in-home senior care company who had recently become a registered employer with SECC’s Career Hub. Tresha secured an interview where she was able to demonstrate her abilities and her desire to help seniors.  Tresha was offered a full-time permanent job and recently began her employment with her new employer.  Tresha is very thankful to the company and SECC for helping her achieve her long-term employment goals here in Canada.

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