50 Faces of SECC – Marie


Marie has been volunteering with SECC as a Meals on Wheels delivery driver since 2021. Getting involved with her community has always been a goal of Marie’s. She took her time and researched different organizations in Windsor-Essex County and found that SECC stood out the most. SECC’s multiple programs gave Marie the ability to choose what fit best with her schedule and abilities.

As a Meals on Wheels delivery driver, Marie has found that it is more than just dropping off food. It has been a wonderful way for Marie to connect with individuals in her community. SECC has been able to give Marie a weekly route with the same clients, which allows her to create relationships with the clients on her route.  Marie shares that she is “sometimes the only person they may talk to that day, so giving them kind and friendly interactions is so important”. Over her years of volunteering, Marie has met our client’s families and loved ones who share their immense gratitude for SECC’s services.

Marie takes her responsibility as a volunteer seriously. She knows that the connection she creates between SECC and our Meals on Wheels clients is very important. Marie has shared that when she sees something that “just doesn’t feel right,” she calls SECC and reports it. Marie feels that taking this extra step may make a difference in keeping our clients safe. Marie believes that her volunteer service is a big part of keeping our clients independent in their homes for as long as possible.

Volunteering with SECC’s Meals on Wheels program has filled Marie’s life with great compassion and joy. Marie is glad she dedicates her time to her community and SECC is proud and grateful to have volunteers like Marie, who get just as much out of volunteering as they give to our clients.

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