50 Faces of SECC – Aseel


Aseel joined SECC’s Care for Newcomer Children (CNC) Program in March of 2022. Aseel was just 18 months old and the only girl in the group, but she had the confidence to be at the head of the classroom. Aseel has a quiet leadership quality to her. When another child was upset, she always comforted them by hugging them or sitting beside them. Aseel helped other children by holding their hands when they are sad and walking them around the classroom until they calm down.

As quiet as she was, Aseel always enjoyed school. When they arrived at school each morning, her mother, Asmaa, would tell us, “Aseel woke up at 5:00 today because she was so excited to come to school!” She would have a quick nap upon arrival in a teacher’s arms & within the hour was happily taking over the kitchen centre.

While attending CNC, Aseel participated in all aspects of programming including gross motor activities, craft time, fine motor activites, and snack time. Aseel’s English vocabulary exploded over a short period of time in CNC. Asmaa approached SECC staff and shared that Aseel was interested in potty training. The staff jumped on board to support Aseel, and within a short amount of time, Aseel was fully potty trained, and her mother was overjoyed.

Aseel is a very quick learner and has proven this time and time again with new tasks. As a class, CNC students practiced putting on their own coats each day at pick up. Aseel caught on how to do this quickly and would say to the teachers, “Look! I did it!” each time. Asmaa enjoys pictures we share of Aseel whether they are printed or shared on social media. Aseel is more than ready to begin Junior Kindergarten next year, we are so proud of her!

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