50 Faces of SECC – Adam


Adam began his journey with SECC after meeting with Family Support Worker, Maddy, in the Summer of 2022. Adam’s mother immigrated to Canada from Ethiopia and has worked tirelessly ever since to build a life for her and her son. Her commitment to him brought the family to SECC with a referral for a new after-school program, Ignite Academy. Adam was originally referred to Ignite Academy to help address some academic and behavioral struggles faced during the previous school year.

Over the course of a few months, Adam has improved exponentially with increased participation and growth in confidence and communication. He has been able to form stronger bonds with his classmates and set a good example for those around him. His contagious smile and determination have only increased as his time at Ignite Academy has progressed. He has taken part in art, academic and mentorship education with community partner programming, as well as small group participation for emotional regulation and self-confidence.

During Adam’s time in Ignite, he has been able to partake in Hot Meal Monday’s, Holiday Parties, a field trip to the movies, and trip to the Library. He can look forward to future educational trips including visits with OPP, Fire Department and a farm trip. Community education from Youth Diversion and speakers for Black History Month are also areas of schooling provided to Adam and his peers during this time. The family has additionally been connected with various community resources, and expressed a wish to give back in return.

At eight years old, Adam is beginning a new chapter in his life. As a grade three student, he is working hard to develop his problem-solving skills. Adam continues to grow every day, and is becoming an expert in finding alternative ways to solve problems and stepping into a new part as a role model to his peers. Most recently, Adam’s progress has been noted by staff at his school, and shared with his Ignite teachers and mother.

Adam has said to Maddy that when he grows up he wants to help people, “I want to be an important man, a doctor, police man, or maybe work at SECC.” His friends and teachers at Ignite cannot wait to see what Adam will accomplish one day.

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