50 Faces of SECC – Muhammed


Kind, gracious, tenacious and hardworking are just a few words to describe Muhammed. Upon arrival from Syria in 2018, Muhammed began learning English in SECC’s Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada program at the Beginner Level. He was determined to learn, and over time Muhammed successfully progressed to the Advanced Level class.

Muhammed continues to be a committed student, while working full-time and shouldering many family responsibilities.  He willingly helps other students, asks challenging questions, and goes the extra mile to learn English on his own time. Each day he can be counted on to share a new vocabulary word or phrase, or a new website for his classmates to practice. He positively influences his classmates and is well-respected in class. Muhammed has taught his teachers so much with his insight, questions, and opinions.

Recently, Muhammed was asked to share his immigration experience with a group of elementary school students. His natural speaking abilities really shone in this moment as he engaged the group with his story which prompted the students to ask many questions for well over an hour.

After countless hours of studying on his own time, Muhammed recently became a Canadian citizen and attended his citizenship ceremony at SECC. His next goal is to attend college in the near future. Muhammed has been an exemplary student who will be greatly missed in class. More importantly, he is an exceptional human being.  He is determined, resilient, humble and kind.  It is exciting to imagine what Muhammed will accomplish next.  His future is very bright!

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