50 Faces of SECC – Mitch


Mitch first became interested in volunteering after his grandfather had a very positive experience with SECC. During the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mitch’s grandfather was the recipient of a senior’s care package at Christmas time.  Families were being asked to socially distance and keep festivities within their immediate households to protect the health of others, especially seniors who were considered very vulnerable. Mitch’s grandfather had been struggling with the social isolation impacts of COVID-19, but was very surprised by the generosity and kindness he was shown by SECC. Mitch says that it really lifted his grandfather’s spirits, and this was the motivation that made him want to volunteer with SECC.

Mitch applied to be a volunteer using the online volunteer application feature on SECC’s website. During his interview, Mitch was asked if there was something in particular that was of interest to him.  He responded that he had a passion for sports and physical activity. Considering his interests, availability and working a full-time job, SECC’s Volunteer Services Department Coordinator suggested he consider helping with the Friday morning seniors’ exercise group. This suggestion really peaked Mitch’s interest. “I am a big believer in the benefits of physical activity, not only on physical health but also on mental health,” he says.   “I believe that this is especially important to promote now, due to the recent impacts of COVID-19.”

Not only did Mitch decide to help out with the Seniors’ Exercise Group, he also expressed interest in helping with other special projects. He helped set up display racks for SECC’s annual Coats for Kids program and helped load the cleaning company’s truck with coats to be sent for cleaning.

For the past five months Mitch has helped to create a welcoming, fun and safe exercise experience for local seniors. The program participants really enjoy his easy-going personality and expertise in physical fitness. Mitch says, “I particularly enjoy my role because I get to help others stay active and provide the opportunity to make positive social connections with others.”

When asked for his thoughts and reflections on his experience as a volunteer, Mitch goes on to say, “I encourage anyone who is thinking of volunteering to find an organization that interests them and find a way to get involved. Not only does volunteering help better the lives of others, but it also creates a sense of fulfillment, allows you to learn new skills and gain valuable experience and build positive relationships with like-minded people. I will continue to volunteer and encourage others to do the same as I believe that any assistance, no matter how small, can make a significant impact on the lives of others.”

During this National Volunteer Week, SECC is grateful for Mitch’s (and all our volunteers) passion and dedication.  He truly embodies SECC’s mission—“Helping people.  Improving lives.”

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