50 Faces of SECC – Diana


Diana’s family had been looking for a place for her to spend some time during the day. Somewhere that would nurture friendships and fun, and also allowing her husband some respite during the day to focus on his own health. So, in May 2022 she began attending SECC’s Adult Day Program once a week. Diana quickly became comfortable with the participants, staff, and was noticeably a great addition to the program, so it wasn’t long before she began attending all three days of programming.

Diana creates a loving environment though encouragement and takes a genuine empathetic approach to other’s behaviours. When other clients are in distress or having high levels of anxiety, Diana is quick to reach out and comfort them in their time of need giving them whole hearted, undivided attention. She is known to enlighten the days of SECC’s staff with her contagious laugh and smile. Diana shares her hobbies such as colouring, singing, puzzles and crafts with others, which motivates them to take part in activities. Even though her speech may be limited, Diana is always consciously aware of the happenings of the room. Diana is the sunshine in our day and the uplifting spirit to our clients.

On December 7th, 2022, Tammy was sitting with Diana when Diana touched her on the shoulder saying, “you’re beautiful” and then hand gesturing to everyone saying, “they’re all beautiful…I love coming.” Even though she was having a difficult time verbalizing, everyone knew exactly what she meant. Diana herself has described appreciation for not only the program but for the staff, the volunteers, and other participants in the program, who had become her friends. At the end of every day that she is in attendance, she is so happy to see her husband walk through the door, almost like she has accomplished a job well done.

Diana is a prime example of SECC’s mission of “Helping people. Improving lives.” Not only does our Adult Day Program help Diana and her family, but Diana’s presence impacts each individual in attendance and improves their own lives in a unique way.

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