SECC Resumes Transit at 100% Capacity  


South Essex Community Council (SECC) is excited to announce that their transportation services have resumed at 100% capacity. The program provides affordable and accessible door-to-door transportation to Windsor and across Essex County for individuals 55+ and persons with disabilities.  


“We are excited to have our transit running at full capacity again for the first time since March 2020,” said Stephen Gard, Manager of Programs and Development at SECC. “Give us a call if you need a ride – we are excited to welcome you back on board!”  


Now that Windsor-Essex County is safely reopening, we offer safe and reliable travel for appointments, socializing, errands, shopping, volunteering, or visiting family and friends. Masks are still required onboard.  


To schedule a ride, call the Leamington office at 519-326-8629. SECC is currently hiring for a Transit Driver, visit our website at for more information.  

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