Zuhir came to Canada with his parents from Syria in October 2016. Within a couple of months of his arrival, he came to South Essex Community Council and enrolled in our Language classes.  Zuhir never had the opportunity to attend school in his own country, but he had the desire to learn English and wanted opportunities to socialize. Due to his physical, verbal, and visual limitations, we wanted to provide additional supports for Zuhir so he could truly excel in our program. Three volunteer tutors, including Ruth (pictured) were matched with Zuhir to provide additional one-on-one assistance to him during class. During this time, the volunteer tutors reinforce all materials that are taught in class and have recently been working with him to improve his fine motor skills. Since receiving this additional support, he has surpassed some of his classmates in terms of comprehension and in his is ability to identify key vocabulary. Zuhir always comes to class with a smile on his face and is very eager to learn. His father mentioned to one of our Settlement Workers that Zuhir truly appreciates everything that everyone has done for him. He feels like a regular human being and is so thankful to everyone who has made a difference in his life.


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