The Importance of Exercise

Keeping physically active is an important part of healthy aging, let’s find out why.

Keep the Heart and Mind Healthy

Regular exercise strengthens the heart, lowers blood pressure, and boosts brain function, preventing cognitive decline.

Prevent Falls and strengthen bones

Getting active helps to improve balance, flexibility, and mobility, helping to prevent falls. Exercise also helps to strengthen bones, decreasing your risk of fracture.

Fight Infection and Recover Better

Regular exercise strengthens your immune system helping you fight off infection and recover quicker.

Improve Your Mental Health

Regular exercise boosts your mood helping to fight depression and anxiety, while group exercise provides the meaningful social connection we all need!

Staying active should be fun, try;

  • Connecting with a group of friends for regular walks
  • Join a group exercise session (Like SECC’s Senior Fitness Class!)
  • Try something new like yoga, a dance class, water aerobics, or pilates
  • Choose active activities like gardening, cleaning, cooking, or walking around a store more often
  • Choose an accountability partner and keep each other on track (pets are great!)

To learn more about staying active or to register for SECC’s Senior Fitness classes contact Emily Bechard at or 519-326-8629.

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