Job fairs have become an increasingly popular way for employers to promote vacancies and reach a high number of candidates in a short period of time. You may think that you’ll stop by one of these events just to see if anything interests you, but that’s not what our experts say. We asked our Employment Services staff their job fair tips and the response was unanimous. Be prepared.

“Take a small notebook or clipboard and a pen and write down the names of people (and their businesses/ organizations) you talk to.  Ask for business cards and make notes about how each person fits into your job search.”

“Look and act the part of being the perfect candidate. Your new job may be waiting there for you.”

“Don’t bring a coffee or other beverages in to the job fair.  It’s hard to shake someone’s hand when you’re holding a Timmie’s.  And also, you won’t have that unpleasant “coffee breath”.  Grab your coffee when you leave.”

Beth – Job Coach

“Review your resume before you go. Ask someone you trust to review it and provide honest feedback.”

“Shake hands. Provide a handshake that is not too firm, but also not weak. Make eye contact when shaking hands and speaking to people.”

Ellie – Employment Consultant

“Dress to impress.”


“Be ready to be interviewed on the spot”

Amanda – SJS Coordinator/Employment Consultant

 “Treat the gatekeeper well. When you greet the receptionist or person taking the resume with a smile, your impression will soon be passed on to the hiring manager.  Same thing goes if you are grumpy, so keep a smile on your face and introduce yourself.”

Sandy – Job Developer

Make sure sure you bring copies of your resume and/or cover letters to the job day fair.  You never know, an employer could ask to see them.

Gabe – Program Leader

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