You may have heard this term before, but like a lot of people, you may not know what it means.  A job developer is a human resources and marketing specialist.  A job developer creates job opportunities for  job seekers by helping employers determine their hiring need.  Oftentimes, people focus on what job developers can do for job seekers, but the SECC Job Developers also work with employers and businesses to assess their human resource needs and ensure that they get motivated, reliable and dependable candidates for the positions they need to fill.  By working with our job developers, employers have immediate access to a pool of job-ready job seekers as prospects for potential hires.   Registering your business with SECC’s Employment & Training Services will enable you to post jobs through our online Job Alerts, as well as on the internal Job Board and agency website,  in a quick and efficient manner so as to widen the range of exposure to the job posting.  Because the Job Developers are part of a wider team of Employment Consultants and Job Coaches, we work together to pre-screen job seekers for you to ensure you get suitable candidates, thus cutting cut down on the time-consuming process of hiring.  If you need a space to hold a job fair SECC, is happy to assist you by providing space and promotion of your job fair  in our accessible building.  As well, confidential office space is available for conducting interviews and can be booked in advance of your interviews through our job developers.
We know employers are busy.  Our goal is to lighten your load and assist you in finding the best person for the job.

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