SECC Recognizes Staff Accomplishments

On Friday, November 26, South Essex Community Council celebrated our annual Staff Recognition Awards. The Staff Awards are to recognize SECC staff who make great things happen by supporting a commitment to excellence.

Nominees of the awards are dedicated to SECC’s mission, vision, and values. They serve clients with respect, care and compassion, model positive behaviour for clients and with co-workers and exercise integrity in decision-making and interactions with others.

Each award is based on a key pillar of SECC, including loyal dedication to the mission and the Community Builder Award. We also want to congratulate the Service Awards Recipients including: Milka Pieper, Eric Kruis, Sarah Lastro, Karen Marchand and Becky Saunders on 5 years at SECC, and Carolyn Warkentin on 15 years at SECC.


Congratulations to all the winners:

People Award: Ashleigh Watson

Integrity Award: Tammy Legault

Inclusivity Award: Kelsey Augustine

Compassion Award: Zeljka Southworth

Loyal Dedication to the Mission: Jami-Lee Church

Community Builder: Emily Bechard

Executive Director’s Choice: Rae-Anne Scratch


Congratulations to all the nominees:

Jami-Lee Church
Sandra Verissimo
Tammy Lozon
Ashleigh Watson
Rae-Anne Scratch
Milka Pieper
Zeljka Southworth
Kelsey Augustine
Lili Salazar
Abby Neufeld Dick
Nicole Neufeld
Tammy Legault
Emily Bechard
Carrie Renaud
James Impens
Kayla Davis



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