I am HAMDI OTHMAN, 28 years , work now with Essex Weld Solutions. Essex Weld Solutions is a full service manufacturer of custom and standard automotive racking products. The work with this company has add for me a good knowlodge to resolve problem and find solution for the need of customer.
Holder of "Degree of Higher Studies of Technology in Mechanical Engineering" specialty "Methods and Techniques of Production". I did some internships in production workshops and maintenance and I occupied the position of "Technical Data Technician (Design Technician)" in society " LE MAILLON METALLIQUE HASSINE " where I could apply my knowledge both in the field of design and the manufacturing of products with precision.
The realization of a "FINAL STUDY PROJECT", related to the theme of the CAD-CAM (Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing), give me a thoroughly familiar with this type of application. My assistants have appreciated my professional qualities.
Since June, 2009, I was employed by the company "Sartorius Stedim Biotech" as a "Technical Data Technician". This position is relating to the R&D and the PPE Service [Product and Process Engineering] of the international group "Sartorius Stedim" Aubagne France.
The Resume, attached in this E-mail gives you more detailed information about my education and my skills. Thanking you for your interest in my candidacy, I beg you to accept, Mr , my respectful greetings.

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University Diploma of Technology in Mechanical EngineeringProduction Methods and Technologies @ UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO SCHOOL OF CONTINUING STUDIES Comparative Education Service (CES)
Apr 2015

Three-year Diploma from recognized college or institute of TechnologyEducation

A Conversional Business English Course @ TUNISIAN AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
Jan 2011 — Feb 2011

ENGLISH Language

Beginners course in professional life @ Tunisian company of Air TUNISAIR Aircraft Technical Department (Repair and Maintenance Service)
Aug 2007 — Sep 2007

Preventive maintenance of aircraft after each flight.
Remedial maintenance (corrective maintenance), Maintenance that is performed after a fault has been found in aircraft hardware in order to correct that fault.
Functional study of the aircraft's engine for the types of aircraft used by TUNISAIR (Airbus A320 - Airbus A319 - Airbus A300-600 - Boeing 737-500 - Boeing 737-600)

Work placementLevel @ Precision Mechanical Workshop M'SOLLY MONCEF
May 2006 — Jun 2006

Provide the solution for the manufacture of various mechanical parts and gears according to the original measure and the replacement of this one in industrial machines that break down or in large engines.
the use of different machine tools for the machining of mechanical parts(Milling - Turning - Drill - Cutting of metals with fire or saw - Mechanical Presse - Planing machine - shapers machine)


Jan 2014 — Apr 2015

1. Ensuring that all products adhere to the production specifications required by the customer
2. Weld quality weld in various positions (vertical, horizontal, overhead, etc.)
3. Weld sub-assemblies and racks as per Plant Manager’s instruction, referring to sample rack as guide
4. Utilize the jigs and fixtures to produce good parts and report any defects immediately
5. Report any hazardous of substandard conditions to the Plant Manager immediately so that corrective action can be taken
6.Support and participate in the company Health & Safety program
7. Adhere to Section 28 of the OHSA
8. Participate in Continuous Improvement and 8 Waste initiatives
9. Other duties as assigned by the Plant Manager.

Jun 2009 — Apr 2013

Perform and make available the requesting entities of the supports techniques, the requesting entities of finished products definition, the requesting entities of tools and components to enable their manufacture, with respect to the regulatory environment of Sartorius Stedim.
Activity definition:
+ Design, build and change the models of finished products with the use of the integration between the new SMARTEAM system (PLM : Products Life Cycle Manager) and the software Microsoft VISIO and the classification of the tasks with the use of organigrammes WF [Work Flow] NPR [New Product Request] and PMR [Product Modification Request].
+ Develop plans intended to the machinery tools and the workstations equipments.
+ Create codes for articles, tools and labelling items and generate the calculate cost file of products.
+ Maintain traceability of design work and modification.
+ Operate and update the technical data documents from the old software AutoCAD to the new integrated system Microsoft VISIO SMARTEAM.
+ Participate in the coherence and the reliability of the database.
+ Update technical data derived from Work Flow Manager in the new SMARTEAM system (PLM: Product Life Cycle Manager).
+ Generate the technical document for the prototype .

Employed as trainee technician electricityMain @ THE COMPANY OF ELECTRICITY ENTEL
Jan 2009 — Apr 2009

MAKE the telephone and electric work in buildings and projects private.

ENTEL is a Company that make the Telephone and Electric work in Buildings and projects private, especially for national projects (public offices, public hospital …)

Sep 2008 — Dec 2008

+ Preparation of drawing and Technical data of the finished product with the use of the 3D software SOLIDWORKS.
+ Supervise the welder in the different tasks and manipulate the process of production.
+ the achievement of Folding Tasks (Folding the sheet metal, Folding of iron ...)
+ the achievement of the welded construction tasks (Arc welding , MIG Weld ...)

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