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November 22, 2022
4007 Sandwich St Windsor ON N9C 1C3, Windsor, Canada
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In order to apply for this position, you MUST meet three basic criteria:

You MUST have 15 high school credits (Grade 10 in Ontario)

You MUST be between 16 and 56 years old

You MUST be a Canadian Citizen, or a Permanent Resident. International Students are not eligible to apply.

This is NOT a civilian position.

We offer skills that most employers find valuable, for example:

  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving
  • Leadership
  • First Aid/CPR/AED Training

There are opportunities to travel and work in many different environments.

All training is paid and when you are sent on training courses, all accommodations, and meals are covered by the employer.

As a Reservist with the Canadian Armed Forces, you do not sign a contract locking you in to a fixed period of service.

As an Army Reservist we offer: 100% medical coverage while on duty, a dental plan, and a pension plan. Pay rates are based on a daily rate with annual increases, and increases with promotions.

This is an excellent opportunity for students. We offer a full time summer employment program that will provide the successful applicant the opportunity to work on a salary basis starting 1 May to 31 Aug, or any part thereof. This is guaranteed for the first four years that you are employed with us.

Vehicle Technicians maintain, repair, and overhaul land vehicles and related equipment to keep them in top condition. Vehicle Technicians belong to the Corps of Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

A Vehicle Technician has the following responsibilities:

  • Inspect, repair, overhaul and modify all types of automotive equipment and components
  • Repair, adjust and modify automotive systems
  • Repair, adjust, overhaul and modify powered equipment such as electrical generators and fuel-fired heating devices
  • Use and maintain common and specialized tools, basic garage hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic equipment and oxyacetylene welding equipment
  • Carry out the recovery of all types of vehicles used in the land forces, utilizing standard towing trucks and specialized tracked and wheeled recovery vehicles
  • Drive all types of vehicles ranging from small support wheel vehicles to tank transporters
  • Prepare and process maintenance documentation dealing with work orders, individual time cards and parts request forms
  • Perform in land operations, when necessary, fight as infantry

Vehicle Technicians maintain and repair land vehicles as well as powered equipment like electrical generators and fuel-fired heating devices. As part of the Corps of Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, these soldier technicians inspect, repair, overhaul and modify all types of technologically advanced military equipment.

Once training is complete, they work as part of a team of technicians, they maintain and repair their unit’s fleet of vehicles.

Arte et Marte – “By Skill and by Fighting” – is the motto of the RCEME Corps. Vehicle Technicians are soldiers first and foremost, and they receive the same basic combat training as all other Army soldiers. They also have the opportunity to pursue further combat training such as combat first aid, winter warfare, and driving armoured vehicles.

In garrison, they work in well-equipped garages. But Vehicle Techs need to be as mobile as the units they are supporting, working out of temporary repair facilities when they are out on exercise or on missions overseas. This job also includes the recovery of all types of vehicles used in the land forces, no matter where they break down, utilizing standard towing trucks as well as specialized tracked and wheeled recovery vehicles.

Vehicle Technicians experience the unique adventures and challenges that come with working in different environments. Vehicle Technicians are employed at bases and stations across Canada and on deployed operations around the world. While on a base, they may be working in small spaces, like a workshop. In the field or on deployment they may work outdoors most of the time or in temporary accommodations.

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