Meals on Wheels


Hot, nutritionally balanced meals are available Monday through Friday. SECC partners with Green Heart Kitchen to provide fresh and healthy meals to our clients. Most food allergies and sensitivities can be accommodated and texture modifications can be made upon request. Friendly volunteers deliver our meals providing a social contact and a check-in for those who live alone.

There are three meal options:

  1. Full Meal (entrée, soup, and dessert)
  2. Entrée Only
  3. Soup Only

Frozen meals are also available for order and delivery.


Check out our Meals and Wheels self-registration and online ordering page or contact the office for more information and help registering.

User fees apply. User fee may be covered by Veterans Affairs Canada for eligible clients. Contact us for more information.

A Note From Our Client...

"The calls and the meals have truly been life changing for me…. I rarely saw veggies or fruits because of the cost and not being sure I’d be able to stand in place in the kitchen to prepare them. That is what I mean by life changing. To have cooked meals with actual veggies is not something I’ve had often for the last few years…. I don’t think people realize how bad it can get for some of us that are really physically challenged. Thanks for everything."

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