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AMCO specializes in all aspects of the greenhouse produce market from the germinated seed to our final premium crop. We have complete control over the growing, packing and shipping of our products.

Upon the expansion of the facility in 1985, AMCO was prompted to revolutionize its structure to meet the increasing demand of its client base. As a result, four individual companies merged together into the AMCO Group of Companies®, under the leadership of Fausto Amicone.

To this day, AMCO Group completely and efficiently specializes in all the different aspects of the greenhouse produce market. Today, AMCO’s 100+ acres of hydroponic produce production, packaging and delivery is still under a single ownership, creating a one-source distribution channel to meet the needs of its valued customers. With over 40 years of experience and an outstanding reputation in the industry, AMCO Group has created the optimal environment that guarantees the very finest in vine ripened tomatoes, customer service, and an unmatched record of post-sale customer satisfaction.

At AMCO Farms we harvest mainly tomatoes/peppers and cucumbers as well as a variety of specialty items such as cherry tomatoes/grape tomatoes/mini cucumbers and mini peppers just to name a few. We are growing product year round whether it be cucumbers/tomatoes or Peppers. We leave nothing else to chance, as nature does. We’ve built a sophisticated heating system to spare every plant from Ontario's harsh winters. A computer-controlled drip irrigation system dispenses all the nutrients each plant needs at every stage of development. We also house a 15,000 square foot cooling facility, with ethylene control systems that are used to eliminate any accelerated ripening which in turn increases the shelf life of our products.

Our Farms allow us to control insect populations with biological control methods. This technique is not feasible out of the greenhouse environment. We also employ bumblebees to pollinate the blossoms to achieve an optimum fruit setting, which ensures uniform shape and quality. AMCO innovation is key to maintaining a healthy relationship with our consumers. Our goals at AMCO consist of installing year round grow lights which will enable us to harvest product during the winter, with this we can promote Ontario grown product year round!

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