SECC’s Mission, Vision and Values reflect the change we strive for in our community and with the people we serve.  We dream about possibility and work with others to make it happen.  We work for change every day and we watch the people we serve do the same.  At SECC, we cheer on those in the community who work for change, not just in our organization but in the many others who do good work for our community.  Together, we can all make our community a strong, healthy and vibrant one.


What is a change maker?  Some might describe a change maker as an innovator, an activist or a visionary.   Change makers are driven by values and a mission.  They seek to make meaningful change for a purpose.  Change makers work with others to get things done.  They develop creative solutions by venturing out of their comfort zones and they understand the value of being proactive.


The SECC Change Maker Awards are about inspiring change for a better future for our clients, for their families and for the community at large.

Changemaker Nomination Form

Nominations should be submitted via email, fax or direct mail to:

Carolyn Warkentin, Executive Director

South Essex Community Council

215 Talbot Street East, Leamington, ON  N8H 3X5



Fax:  519-326-8528


Nominations must be submitted by:

Friday, August 31, 2018

12:00 pm


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