50 Faces of SECC – Shelby


Shelby was looking for a part-time job in the janitorial field.  She decided to register for SECC’s Career Hub services to get some extra help in her job search.  At first, Shelby’s motivation and commitment to her job search were low. She was actively battling some mental health issues which impeded her ability to focus on her commitment to her job search and attend appointments with her employment consultant. Over time and with a good deal of determination and hard work, Shelby overcame this obstacle and began staying in contact with her employment consultant and job developer.

The job developer made a connection with an organization that supports individuals with mental health challenges.  This organization offers a vocational training program in which participants are paid while they learn.  Shelby reluctantly agreed to meet with a representative from this organization for an interview to explore the opportunity.

Shelby was accepted into the program and began in the summer of 2022.  She committed to working 20 hours a week spread over 5 days.  Shelby was a bit quiet and reserved when she first started, but as she grew more familiar with the environment, her confidence and comfort level increased.  Shelby worked hard in her new training program.  As the program leader got to know Shelby better, it was discovered that she had a great love of music and performing.  The program leader offered Shelby the opportunity to lead a karaoke activity at the organization. Shelby happily accepted the chance to lead the group and be able to re-connect with her passion for music and performing.  The activity was a success!  She continued to facilitate the karaoke activity, and got paid to do so.

The opportunity to enter this program and be able to learn in a safe environment was a great chance for Shelby to tap into her positive nature and personality, and to showcase her musical talents as well.  She is training other members of the program and is seen as a leader.  This opportunity has brought out the best in Shelby. She has expressed interest in taking a wellness program and would like to facilitate it in the future for other participants.  Shelby is thriving and her confidence and self-value is at an all-time high.

Shelby is a wonderful example of a determined individual who started off with some challenges, but when given an opportunity, dug deep within herself to showcase her talents, share her positive personality and help others while doing so.  Shelby aims to pursue a career in music at some point, but for now, she is content in her on-going learning, teaching and helping others.  Well done, Shelby!

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