50 Faces of SECC – Omar + Ahmad


Omar and Ahmad are the epitome of determination and success. The boys immigrated to Canada in hopes of securing a promising future for themselves and their mother, and they worked tirelessly in their first year here to make this a reality.

Almost immediately upon arrival, Omar acquired a job and became the family’s sole provider, while Ahmad worked on advancing his education by attending a local high school.  He later had to put his education on pause in order to get a full-time job to help lighten the financial responsibilities that were placed on his brother. While being the family’s sole provider, Omar also registered for and attended SECC’s LINC classes. Both Omar and Ahmad put their all into learning English–always asking for extra work in class, watching Youtube videos and movies in English, using the Duolingo app on their free time, and asking friends for support in learning the language.

Once their confidence in their English language abilities grew, their perseverance soared and they were able to accomplish many milestones in little time. Some noteworthy milestones include: being active participants in SECC’s Newcomer Youth Group, completing 40 hours of community volunteer hours, getting their licenses, saving up to buy a car, finding a house in Kitchener and making the hard, but necessary decision, to move their family hours away. While they were sad to be moving away, they were excited for the opportunities that this move would bring. One notable opportunity is Ahmad being able to go back to school to continue his education, which he is ecstatic about.

“I would first off like to say that myself and my brother Ahmad truly appreciate and enjoyed our time at SECC In Leamington with all the staff and amenities that were provided to us. Ms Kelsey, Miss Olivia, Miss Hailey and Devon never stopped helping us and always felt us feel welcome here in Canada. Within the first day we felt at home and couldn’t ask for anymore. It’s a shame our time has come but It is time to build our future and I know we can count on you guys for anything we need. Thank you so much… just won’t be the same without you guys.”

 Omar and Ahmad are two of the most respectful young men we have had the pleasure of supporting. They are always very positive and hopeful despite the challenges they have had to overcome and their positive attitudes made it a pleasure to support them over this last year and a half. Omar and Ahmad have the tools and drive to build themselves an amazing life in Canada, and we have no doubt that they will do exactly that.

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