50 Faces of SECC – Bill


Bill was introduced to SECC in the fall of 2019 and came with a newly earned University Degree in Political Science. Like many graduating students with mounting bills, he took the first job he could to help make ends meet.

Since graduating, Bill has struggled with finding a position that suits his career goals, his passions, and that allow him to thrive despite struggling with mental health. With the support of SECC’s Employment Consultants and referrals to outside assistance, he has successfully completed “Y Opportunities” and Security Guard training. This has built up his skillset.

Housing has been a serious problem for not only Bill, but thousands of Ontarians over the past few years. Living situations were often precarious which added onto the difficulty of stable employment. Bill continued to apply to positions both that he was qualified for and those perhaps a bit out of his experience level. Eventually one posting caught his eye, it was for a Resident Manager at a large apartment complex. Bill sought advice on what he should do. His heart said apply but he had apprehensions. Bill and SECC’s Job Coach had many conversations over the job and what it might entail. In the end, Bill applied and after a lengthy interview process landed the job. Bill was over the moon!

Fast forward a couple of weeks and Bill is happier than he has been in years. His security guard training comes in good use as he is responsible for the safety of residents as they travel across the property of the complex. Bill is housed in a wonderful 1-bedroom apartment with a nice view and all the amenities. With Bill’s newfound confidence there is renewed optimism and hope for further growth. Each day Bill greets residents with a smile and he does whatever he can to make his residents feel safe and secure.

While things are coming along well, there is always a recognition of the health component which must continue to be nourished. The supportive staff at SECC Career Hub are here to provide support and assist in the up’s and down’s which always appear when transitioning to a new job. Bill is using the services provided by SECC and flourishing with a newfound sense of purpose and accomplishment. Bill’s road to a good job took some time, but the journey was worth it!

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