50 Faces of SECC – Al-Muraqab


Al-Muraqab graduated with a Business degree, with some past employment experience in truck driving in Yemen. After moving to Canada in 2021, Al-Muraqab completed his AZ Truck Driving license in hopes of finding sustainable employment in order to care of himself and his family.  Al-Muraqab knew that in order to find a career in AZ truck driving, he would need to receive his license first. After Al-Muraqab completed his license, he secured a temporary 3-month position in truck driving.  Unfortunately, he was laid off due to a shortage of work.  After struggling to find work by himself, Al-Muraqab came to South Essex Community Council’s Career Hub in September of 2022 looking for a permanent AZ truck driving job.

Al-Muraqab worked hard in his job search, but struggled to find permanent employment.   After months of searching, Al-Muraqab began to think there were no companies willing to take a chance on him, because he had less than a year of experience driving a truck in Canada.

The Career Hub staff encouraged Al-Muraqab to attend a job fair hosted by SECC in the hopes of finding an employer who would take a chance on him.  Al-Muraqab met with the representative of a local employer who stated that he needed a minimum of 1-year AZ truck driving experience in Canada. When Al-Muraqab told the employer that he was a truck driver in Yemen, the employer representative became quite interested in spite of the company’s policy regarding Canadian work experience.

The representative talked to the company’s administrative executives, and successfully advocated for Al-Muraqab and his unique employment situation. The employer was able to validate that the total truck driving experience of Al-Muraqab enabled him to become a successful AZ truck driver for the company. Al-Muraqab was hired!  He has started working  and is very thankful to the company and SECC for helping him achieve his employment goals here in Canada.

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